Condolence Telegrams for Jackie, from MLK, Duke Ellington, Douglas MacArthur, and More

These telegrams from notables are but a few of the 800,000 condolence letters that Jackie Kennedy received after the assassination of her husband.

Martin Luther King wrote from Atlanta. Duke Ellington was in Turkey, where he was touring as a cultural ambassador with the State Department; the musician reportedly stayed up that night composing songs in JFK’s memory. Retired general Douglas MacArthur, who was to die the next year, wired from New York, claiming JFK as a “former comrade in arms.”

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Robert F. Kennedy announces Martin Luther King Jr.’s death to an audience in Indianapolis - April 4, 1968.

You can watch his full speech here

Senator Kennedy’s words had a great impact - he was credited with preventing the violent riots that spread across the country after King’s assassination from occurring in Indianapolis, and some consider this speech one of the greatest in modern American history. He also surprised many of his aides by mentioning the assassination of his brother five years earlier, in an attempt to unite black and white Americans during these “difficult times”. Two months later, Kennedy himself would be assassinated while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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The Kennedy brothers, together again.

The Kennedy brothers, together again.

The graves of Bobby, Ted, and Joe Kennedy (Jr). All decorated with flowers (and some spare change). Arlington National Cemetery, March 29th 2014.


I’ll put up photos later but I visited Arlington Cemetery today and someone put red roses on Ted and Bobby’s graves and white flowers on Joe Jr’s. Very interesting.

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One of Jackie’s gowns/her fake pearls.

At the Museum of American History.
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Going to tour the White House this weekend!!! I am unbelievably excited!

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