I just rewatched the Kennedys miniseries and I forgot how emotional the last episode made me. Seriously. I started bawling when Bobby got shot/Jackie was at their graves. Greg Kinnear (JFK), Katie Holmes (Jackie), and Barry Pepper (Bobby) did an outstanding job.

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Rare photo of Jack and Jackie Kennedy on November 22, 1963


"Ethel had technical defects as a wife. She was a flog at cooking and sewing, detested cleaning and spent money carelessly … In fundamental ways she was a superb wife, at least in the old sense of being her husband’s helpmate.For Ethel Kennedy, reared as she was and believing as she did, ministering to her husband was not self-sacrifice or self-betrayal but self-fulfillment. It did not result in any manifest repression of an irrepressible personality … He never had to prove himself to her. Ethel gave him unquestioning confidence, unquenchable admiration, unstinted love." -Arthur Schlesinger Jr
"He [Bobby] was standing in front of an open fireplace,I walked in the door and turned and saw him, and I thought, ‘whoa’." -Ethel Kennedy


NY Daily News Newspaper 10/18/68 The shocked world learns for the first time that Jackie Kennedy will marry Ari Onassis. The date of the wedding is unknown, but could be as soon as next week.

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Oh man, the JFK Library is gorgeous in the summer. It’s right on the water and overlooks the Boston horizon. It’s one of my places to be.

Plus they’ve got a couple new exhibits so I have an excuse to make yet another trip there. :-)

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